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Title: Emily

Series: Skipping Stones: Book 1
Author: Jasmine Lee
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Cover Design: Sheri McGathy
Photographers: Tabitha Patterson
 I thought I was in love, I thought I was happy, I thought everything was perfect.

But then I found out my husband of six years was having an affair. I knew it had to be a dream, but it wasn’t. So now I’m left at square one, only now I’m a single mom also.

Dating isn’t easy but its especially not easy for a single mom of twin boys, with a soon to be ex-husband who’s still around. I mean what else could happen?

Throw in a hot prison guard and my ex-husband the mechanic and you have a whole mess of problems, and its only Monday!

What am I’m supposed to do?

**Will be a 2 book series.**

Unexpected (Skipping Stones: Book 2)
Release Date: TBD
In Emily you got part of my story. But now in Unexpected you get the rest of it.

True, it doesn’t go the way I planned and I don’t end up with man I had planned on. But then again, that’s why they say to ‘expect the unexpected.’

Blurb will be updated as the story progress’

Emily (Skipping Stones: Book 1)
I shake my head, “No!”
I nod, “No! You don’t get to come in here acting like
you give a shit when you and I both know you don’t. I don’t care why you felt
you needed to stay but you need to get your sorry two timing fucking ass up out
of my house, before I feel the urge to punch the shit out of your junk. Got
His eyes go wide and with each word that pops out of
my mouth his mouth drops open a little more.
“Fuck that felt good,” I say with a small smile on my
“What has gotten into you?” Conner asks.
I frown as I ponder his question. Indeed, what has
gotten into me? Oh yeah, my loving so-called husband of six years cheated on
me. True, it was only going on for a week before I found out, but still once
was enough.
I look up at Conner as anger takes root in my gut, oh fuck it, “Get out! I don’t ever want
to see you again.” I say as I glare at him.
His mouth opens and then closes.
I raise an eyebrow as I stare him down, “Now! You may
leave now!”
“Fine!” he says as he shakes his head, walking past
I let out a breath when I hear the front door close
behind me. Then it hits me what I just did and said and I can’t help but
giggle. Oh fuck, I’ve never stood up to him before and it felt good. Real good!
Now I’m laughing hysterically holding my stomach as tears start running down my
face. Before long my knees give out but I don’t hit the floor.
“I got you,” I look over my shoulder and see Conner.
I turn wrapping my arms around his neck as he picks me
up, cradling me to his chest. He moves and I’m not sure where he’s going till I
feel him lay me down on my bed. I don’t want him to leave but then again I do,
oh damn this whole heartbreak bitch thing is a total mess. When I feel him lay
down behind me I don’t think twice when I turn over wrapping my arms around him
laying my right leg in-between his.
“I got you, I never should of let you go. Never!”
Conner whispers.


About The Author:
Hey everyone! My name Jasmine and I live in East Texas in a small town. I would love to tell you this great adventure about myself but it wouldn’t be true so I’ll stick with the boring version.
Born and raised in a small town; growing up I was more of the loaner then anything. Never dated the guy of my dreams.
But I grew up & married the perfect guy for me!
I write mainly for the fun of it & it’s my stress reliever!

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Models: Donna Kitchens and TJ

What readers are saying‬:
“It will have you laughing and crying throughout the story.”
“Unconditional love…True meaning of soul mates.”
“Emotional love story…a true love that never dies!”
“One love that will make you realize how precious life is”
“A touching emotional story of love and hope.”
“I have to say that this is one of the best love stories of this year.”
“Please read their story and their tribal and tribulations to get the prefect love story.”
“When I started reading this book I thought it was a cute little love story. I was wrong.”

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